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IBM placement papers – Papers, Interview questions, Technical papers 1. An attribute in a table that is related with primary key of the another table is called? Ans. Foreign key 2. The scope of the static variable is? Ans. function 3. Which of the following has the function scope? A. Automatic B. Static C. Global […]

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Intel Technology Sample Placement papers – PDF Download Intel Technology – Sample Placement papers, Interview Questions, technical Questions, Aptitude Questions with Answers PAPER 1 1. A question on signal catch. Given set of signals , which are u cannot catch ? Answer: SIGSTP,SIGKILL 2. What is critical section ? Answer: The code where shared resources […]

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C, C++, Data Structure, JAVA, Advanced JAVA, Operating System – Technical Interview questions If you have idea of some of the commonly asked interview questions under following categories then it’s not hard for you to crack any technical interview. Operating System – Technical interview questions Data Structure – Technical interview questions C – Technical interview […]