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Many people hesitate to ask about salaries and moreover it is not considered polite or you might be curious if you are being paid fairly. But one does not need to fret as there are many salary sites that can provide all the information about the average compensation and other details.

Here are the top Websites to Compare Salaries:

1. has personalized articles, salary reports and surveys. Using the tools of one can check the salaries based on job title, experience level, location and education for 3,700 categories of jobs. Here all the information cannot be accessed for free.

Salary Comparison

2. PayScale
Compensation information for individuals and employers is provided by PayScale with real-time salary data. There are about 7 million profiles in their data base and one can get free comparison report with compensation range, job opportunities and benefits. One might have to pay for premium membership.

3. GlassDoor
It is one of the most popular website, a career community for job seekers to get employee opinions about the work environment of the company. There are details of benefits and pay. The ratings are approved by CEOs of the companies and even reviews of job interviews are given. It also has interview questions for about 84,000 companies. You need to sign up and enter the data.

4. JobNob
There are millions of users in their database along with individual salaries listed by job and by company. Users have free access to get the information about paid salaries.

5. SimplyHired
One can compare salaries with other employees who are in the same profession nationally and locally with their online salary calculator.

6. Indeed
It is primarily a search engine for job listing but they also provide salary details matching your job search with real estimates. There are nifty graphs based on national salary trends and job salaries with the titles.

7. SalaryExpert
Compensation data is provided to the job seekers by SalaryExpert. Salary reports are categorized according to salary information, cost of living and benefits according to the 45,000 locations for 30,000 positions.

8. Vault
There are salary surveys for more than 5,000 companies both by employees and by industry.

9. CBSalary
It is a salary calculator built by CareerBuilder. Salary reports including the range and average depending on the location and the job are provided. Articles about salary advice and salary negotiation are also provided.

10. SalaryScout
It is like GlassDoor. It is very simple and easy to use. There is RSS feed for the searches that are performed by you so that you are up to date with the latest information.

These are some of the best salary websites. One really does not need to wonder if their salary is at par with others.

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There is another popular employer review website ( which provides authentic reviews on companies and salaries. JobeeHive allows users to conduct salary comparisons for various companies across different locations and industries. You can also research on what employees are saying about the companies they work for.

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